All merchandise is for sale at our live shows. You can also order it by mail: Mail your order and your sizes to us, and we will send the order to you.

Rudies & Rockers + Ska Love = €12,50 (including shipping costs)

Shirts are not avalaible in all sizes.

CD Breathe Again (2017)


01.   No Longer Mine
02.   Never Felt So Lonely
03.   Too Rude For You
04.   Germinal
05.   The Way I Roll
06.   Rub-A-Dub Day
07.   Holiday
08.   Honey, Won't You Buy Me Flowers
09.   Behind Red Curtains
10.   Breathe Again
11.   Lullaby For Kippertronix
12.   Will We Ever Find A Way

Price € 15 (including shipping costs)

 CD Rudies & Rockers (2012)

Mr. Wallace - Rudies & Rockers


1.   This is (Intro)
2.   Too Rude For You
3.   Mary Jane
4.   Rudy, Where You Goin'?
5.   Knocked Up
6.   Holiday

Price € 7

CD Ska Love (2011)



1.   Introduction
2.   Obsession
3.   On a Boat
4.   Hey You
5.   Just Friends
6.   Ska Love

Price: € 5

T-shirts en girlies

OOK IN WIT ! shirt blauw shirt foto zwart

shirt wit  shirt rood shirt zwart


Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Colors: Yellow, Green, Red.

Price: € 10

Tote bag

tote bag mr wallace breathe again

Price: € 5

AND FINALLY: The Mr. Wallace Baby Onesie!

For our youngest rudeboys en rudegirls!

romper groen  romper rood

Price: €10